Small Services

Nail Trimming

We provide nail trims servicing by appointment.


We offer nail trims for rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets. We DO NOT trim nails on reptiles or birds.

Basic nail trim cost $15.00 per animal

Nail trim and grind with our diamond groove dermal head is $18.00

Anal Gland Expression

We only provide external gland expression, where as your vet can express the glands more internally if your pet has a more severe case.

Please consult your veterinarian FIRST before scheduling an expression for your pet.

If your vet has told you that your pet would benefit from routine gland expressions

we suggest bringing them in every 4-8 weeks

usually around the same time as routine nail trim or bath.

Service Price $20.00 

Paw Pad Trim

Get the pesky hair between the toe pads of your pet’s paws trimmed. This can help with traction on hard floors and can help keep your pet from tracking dirt throughout your home. 

Service Price $8.00

Ear Cleaning

Is your pet prone to ear infections or dirt build up?  Let us wipe them out with our special anti-bacteria ear cleaning solution BEFORE it becomes a problem! 


Disclaimer: we are only able to clean the surface area of your pet’s ear, we are unable to clean the inner ear parts.

Please consult a vet if you think your pet has an ear infection


Service Price $5.00

Face Trim

Is it hard to see your pet’s adorable eyes? Let us clean out the area between their eyes so that they can see better. This service is only minor to ensure the hair around eyes and mouth is kept tidy on a routine bases.   

Service Price $15.00

Sanitary Trim

Keep your pet’s rear end clear of “hitchhikers” and friction matting. This service is only minor to ensure the sanitary area is routinely kept clean and tidy. 

If area is overly soiled and has not been kept up for some time, a full grooming appointment is the only option.  

Service Price $15.00